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Boxes and Bins

Produced for export use for the Vegetable and Fruit growers, pine bins can carry 1 tonne or ½ tons of potatoes, onions or carrots.

We make most of the boxes that you may have seen on the backs of trucks around Virginia or at the markets, these bins are delivered as far east as Mildura and as far south as Naracoorte.



Many different designs of pallets are produced for both Australian domestic use and the export market.

We are proud to supply many export products to Chep SA (the largest packing company in the world).



Sawdust is made from the fine particles of wood that come directly off of the saw, and therefore Sawdust is not dry. Sawdust has many uses, but is mainly used for mulch, animal bedding and to soak up spills, just to name a few.


Hardwood Slabs

Hardwood logs can be cut into slabs for various uses



Our woodchips are Softfall certified for playgrounds etc. Landscape, mulch type woodchips are also produced. These provide an excellent, effective ground cover that retains moisture and inhibits weed growth. Woodchips can be collected from the sawmill or delivered to your door.

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Shavings are larger particles of wood that come directly off of the moulder; they are from Kiln Dried timber. Because shavings are dried they are better suited for animal uses such as poultry nests, stables, cow pens etc.



Firewood is available for purchase. Cut ready for use.



Dunnage can be cut to size for usage in loading and securing cargo during transportation.



High grade beams are a speciality item, made on site. These beams can be made in a large range of sizes, lengths & finishes including rough sawn, dressed all round, LOSP treated and CCA treated.

We pride ourselves in the durability of the treated products and specify treatment that lasts for a minimum of twenty years.

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Sold by the ute/trailer load used particularly in the winter time for firewood. Customers can come between the hours of 8-12 and 1:30-5pm. Must report to the office on arrival.



Treated and machined; DAR or MICRO


Morgan Sawmill is accredited to provide certified products for export (Certification Number AU013). These products comply with ISPM 15 standards and include MB & HT products.

Products for Export


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